The Best Plugins for Setting up Your WordPress Blog


Today, there are lots of individuals who are taking up blogging. People all around, belonging to different cultures are exploring the art of blogging. It is no more about fun, it has expanded to a level where people have started considering it as a medium for Business Networking. If someone is looking for something to enhance their blog in various ways then WordPress Plugins are the best option available today. A person, who is setting up his blog, needs to first choose an attractive theme for his blog. Theme is the first thing noticed by visitors of any blog. After the selection of the theme, next thing is the Plugins. There are lots of people who want to start new blog however are unaware of various Plugins that exist. If we talk about WordPress Plugins, then they are like mini software. Once installed, this mini software adds new features to the WordPress. Each plugin has got a unique feature.There are many Plugins which can be installed when someone is starting a WordPress Blog. Some of the important or must use Plugins are as follows.

  1. Akismet: This is the first plugin if someone considers the priority. This plugin adds the feature of a spam filter for the posts or comments on the blog website. It is very useful for bloggers who have got popular blogs with lots of comments and posts on their website.

  2. Blog Protector: This plugin is very important plugin. When someone starts a blog, a lot of content gets posted on it. To avoid any theft of content or plagiarism, one should definitely opt for this plugin.

  3. Antivirus: As the name suggests, this particular plugin helps the website to deal with various types of viruses. It protects the website and the blog from any type of threat from viruses.

  4. Search Everything: This plugin is helpful for searching various things like comments, information etc. and also increases the capability of WordPress. An individual with a lot of information on his website should for sure go for this plugin as it makes work simpler for visitors on that particular website.

  5. Yet Another Related Post: This plugin is considered to be one of the most useful Plugins for any blog. It helps the users with related links and posts on the basis of active and passive keyword matches. This ensures that the visitors or the users are spending more time on your website. Hence, it adds more value to the popularity of that particular website.

  6. Popularity Contest: If someone wants to keep a track of activities on his website or blog, then, popularity contest plugin is the best. This plugin calculates the popularity of each page and post. If the blog owner wants to share the most popular post or page, this tool can be of great help. A lot of people go for WordPress Blog as it has got many options of Plugins to add more functions and facilities to the blog.

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