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Apply these Quick Steps and Speak Mandarin INSTANTLY!

  • Keep a English - Mandarin dictionary with you
  • Use Google translate (Chinese Simplified) if you need to learn any vocabularies
  • Get a Chinese friend to practice with daily

"Speak Mandarin in 1 Month" - A unique approach towards Mandarin learning.

Are you having difficulties in these areas?

  • Tried many courses, but still not going anywhere?
  • Bought books, audios, videos and stuffs and still not getting your expectations
  • You just can't get the tones right in Mandarin
  • You got a hard time understanding how the whole language works

If you are going through any of the above, then you have landed in the correct place.

Before learning Mandarin you need to understand 4 key principles:

  • Pronouncing it right
  • Perfecting the tones
  • Learning to read with tones
  • Understand how Chinese people think and speak

I will show you step by step on getting the all 4 right. Being fluent in Mandarin is being able to think and speak spontaneously without any materials.

How do we get to that point? I will show you how.

You will learn:

  • The 3 simple steps in mastering spoken Mandarin Fast
  • Complete Pronunciation Technique
  • Complete Pinyin techniques to enable you to pronounce the tones right.
  • An introductory level on the Unique STV Technique. Thousands of my students have utilized this amazing technique and has sky-rocketed their fluency level
  • Mastering numbers within minutes
  • Mandarin Particles that is used in the Mandarin language. I will show you how each word is to be used in the easiest manner.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to strike a conversation anytime, anywhere.

Who is the target audience?
  • Travelers to China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia
  • Business Owners
  • Employees seeking a better career with language advantage

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