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Pronounce correctly simple key beginner phrases in Chinese useful in common situations

  • No knowledge needed. To enjoy this course, students need to have the attitude when studying this course that pronouncing Chinese tones correctly are very important in being understood

Course Description

Speaking Chinese is different from most languages because it is spoken using different pitches, known as tones. Foreigners usually find it difficult to speak using the correct tones, this can result in not being understood – frustrating and a waste of the effort and time they put into Chinese.

This course aims to overcome this challenge by making tones and pronunciation core to the lessons and teaching tones in easy, bite-sized chunks, so when you speak out your first few phrases in Chinese, you can be understood.

Benefits of pronouncing Chinese correctly

  • Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language on the planet (Yes, more than English!)
  • You can become a more valuable worker in a variety of industries, especially since China is expanding aggressively into the global economy
  • Enrich your experience of traveling to China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia
  • Open up a new world of Chinese culture and new friends

Building Up Confidence when starting learning Chinese is Key

Tones are central to Chinese. Most foreigners don't pay enough attention to the tones when learning Chinese because they don't have it in their language. Then when they speak, they wonder why they are not understood. Then they get disheartened, think Chinese is too hard, and then usually give up.

By having your first steps in Chinese centred around the tones in a step by step approach where you mustspeak out what you learn, you will be able to get to grips with it, and greatly increasing your chances of being understood when you speak. When you are understood, this builds confidence and spurs you on to learn more Chinese.

It is best to get the tones right from the moment you start learning Chinese because as you progress, it is time-consuming to unlearn all your mistakes especially when you get used your mistakes sounding right.

Contents and Overview

This course contains 26 lectures and almost 2 hours of content for your very first steps in Chinese. It is designed for anyone who doesn't have any knowledge of Chinese, whose main aim to be able to start speaking simple Chinese.

The lessons use an active learning technique and you'll speak out the words and phrases we learn as we go along. All the course content is stripped down to it's bare-bone essentials and drip fed, so you only get information you need, when you need it, so keeping things simple, clear and practical. Each lesson builds on top of each other, there is a lot of review, so what you learn gets ingrained deeper in your mind, so you don't just forget it.There is constant emphasis on correct pronunciation so that you can be understood in real life.

What are the requirements?

A determination to take an active role in speaking out what is learned

What am I going to get from this Course?

  • Understand and practice using the tones correctly for every word and phrase learned
  • Speak out a few simple common phrases in Chinese: useful when eating, ordering at a cafe or restaurant and at the shops.
  • Be able to write 10 commonly used Chinese Characters
  • Read simple phrases in Chinese

What is the target audience?

  • Complete beginners in Chinese
  • Those who want to start speaking out their first phrases in Chinese
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for people who want to take their first steps learning Chinese with the aim of speaking out a few useful basic phrases. This course is not for those who want to learn lots of vocabulary or main goal is to write Chinese.

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