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Survival Chinese that you can use immediately on your way to China and as you first arrive in China.

  • Interest, practice, and persistence!

This course teaches you the basic and useful phrases and sentences with thorough explanations that best prepare you to have conversations as you are on a plane to China and first arrive in China. It provides you with extremely detailed and easy-to-follow instructions on Chinese tones and pronunciation that make you talk like a local; it also offers well-designed vocabulary review and essential tips for having a hassle-free travel in China. It contains 22 lectures, including 11 video lectures, 6 video review lectures, and 5 PDF review lectures for sections. For each small section there is a video review lecture: you can listen to the audio and repeat, and practice your spoken Chinese; and for each large section there is a PDF summary of the lectures.

This course shows you how Chinese works by fully taking into account the learner perspective. It is so easy and practical that you can use immediately on your way to China and as your first arrive there. Whether your interest lies in the language or the culture, the course has something for you. This FREE course also offers you plenty of opportunities to practice spoken Chinese with the fun instructor Shuai FOR FREE via the smartphone app WeChat !

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned traveler, you will need to know the essential phrases and sentences for various situations and problems, but don’t worry, Shuai’s Essential Chinese for Travelers (2) has everything, including a practical and complete language package and useful insider tips, for you!

Good news! By giving a 5 star to or leaving a nice comment on either Essential Chinese for Travelers (1) or Essential Chinese for Travelers (2), you will get $20 off when taking Essential Chinese for Travelers (2); if you are a subscriber for Essential Chinese for Travelers (2) then by successfully referring a friend to Essential Chinese for Travelers (2) you will get a reward of $25; if you are great enough to complete both, then the reward is $30 off the original price of Essential Chinese for Travelers (2). : ) Go check it out! : )

Have fun learning!

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners and intermediate learners who would like to have a fantastic review of the basics of Chinese; and anyone who is interested in Chinese and China's culture! : )

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