Learn College Mandarin Chinese on Your Own Advanced Level 2 Course


Learn one semester of advanced Chinese in just one month and save 6000 dollars of college tuition

  • They need to have learned intermediate Chinese, approximately amount to two years' Chinese study in a classroom setting at college level

College Mandarin Chinese on Your Own Advanced level 2 is the last sequel to my four previously published, highly ranked courses (it has 45 lectures and 8 hours of videos): College Mandarin Chinese on Your Own Beginning Level, Intermediate Level 1, 2 and advanced level 1. The beginning level of this sequence is ranked No. 1 in student review and sales in Chinese language category on Udemy, the largest paid online platform in the world.  All the other courses keep the same design and quality of this first course. This course is the second half of advanced level Chinese, and allows you to learn in just one month a full semester's college Chinese curriculum at advanced level based on the same range of vocabulary, grammar, and discussion topics. Like the other three courses, its design simulates to a great extent the teacher-student interaction in the classroom, such as found in oral exercises of answering questions, reading after the teacher, describing pictures, translation and grammar drill, etc. By using hundreds of entertaining pictures that immediately tests your application of learned language information after every slide, this course brings teaching, reviewing, testing and application of language into a quick succession simulating the cognitive mode of immersive learning of language. Therefore, it combines the benefits of classroom teaching, Rosetta Stone Chinese and online learning while avoiding their shortcomings. As the fifth sequel of language learning sequence (altogether five courses), it allows you to learn the discursive language of discussion and debate on social topics: such as gender equality in Chinese history; environmental protection and energy saving; Dynasties in Chinese history; money management; job interview and the work life of foreigners in China, etc. Through this course, you will learn advanced vocabulary and grammar for discussing popular social topics in China. The instructor is again me, Professor Hong Zeng, an awarding-winning professor of Chinese for 16 years at prestigious American liberal arts colleges and national universities. Please acquire the complete sequence of this language sequence and bring your Chinese from zero to the very advanced in a systematic, interactive learning style. As an award-winning professor of Chinese for 16 years with two PhDs in language and literature, I can guarantee to  you that you really learned the same amount  and worth of language as 3 years' college Chinese curriculum in a much faster and freer manner! and you really  saved 36000 dollars of college tuition (each course 6000 dollars)  to learn three years' college Chinese curriculum in just 6 months and with much less than one percent of the money! Please acquire this sequence of Chinese courses and I would greatly appreciate it if you can recommend it to as many of your Chinese learning friends as possible.

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