How To Rank Youtube Video Fast


One of the important things in YouTube business success is to the ranking of your video so that more users can watch it easily, You need to be ranked in the top 10 results to get a high traffic and convert a percentage of this traffic into income. Looks difficult? No its not if you use a strategy for your videos. Follow the below steps for your videos and watch what will happen to your videos.

In Video search optimization: In video optimization is a main factor of your video ranking its almost up to 50%. You have to choose your title carefully and make it contain your keyword, your description also is very important you have to include good description that is related to your keyword and finally choose your tags that include your keywords and its Synonyms.

Real views: your newly uploaded video needs real views not less than 1k views in the first 24 hours and this can be boosted by site like or these sites provide a service for views exchanges that can boost your views.

Back Links and embedding: This is very important point that you have to take into consideration, get back links to your video from text content that is related to your video content you can simply have a free blog on blogger and write an article about your video content and include your video on it. It is also preferred to add links to your videos in high authority pages with related topics.

Social signals: It is very important to share your video in social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + and take likes and shares on it. this will higher your video social signals and Google crawler will know that this content is important and must go to higher rank   Video Traffic Academy have recently published a full package course that contain from A to Z all you need to master YouTube and make it a traffic pulling machine. its one of the best Courses out there that combine all techniques , tips and tricks that you have to follow to success on YouTube

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