Earn $2000 Boost Your Website On Facebook


I share with you our experience on Facebook Advertisement, How i earn $2000 in one month, this my awesome experience in my 5 years work experience. i was own an video website and i posts viral videos in website on YouTube and Dailymotion etc.

I decided to advertise on Facebook our video website, then i post an attractive video with a attractive image, then i share on Facebook page and click on Boost option below the post.


then you can select,

  • Country (I Use low CPC Countries¬†like Pakistan and India)
  • Age (13 to 65)
  • Gender (Male and Female)
  • Interest (Funny Videos, Viral Videos, Vines Videos, Crazy Videos etc.)
  • Daily Budget ($10 per day)

and Boost your Post, when visitor click on your post then go to your website, (you have must be Adsense for Earn) don't use any other platform instead of Google Adsense.

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