75% Increase Your Revenue 2016 Adsense Trick


Today I am sharing with you a secret, how to increase revenue using Adsense? In the start of 2016 I notice that my earning is 65% down, I was try a lot of tricks but all tricks are not working, even I get 3 clicks but my account showing 0 earning, I was very upset because my earning 65% down, I tried High CPC Keywords but fail.

One day I open Adsense account and Click on “Allow and Block ads


Then go to “Ad networks” tab

increase revenue adsesen 2016 trick

and Blocked all Ad Networks, and open the best performing Ad Networks.

These are the best performing networks.

Criteo (US)
Accuen w/ Invite Media
Rocket Fuel
Aegis Media Network w/ Turn
Google: DCLK Bid Manager

Can you believe me? My earning returned. I hope you will try this.

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