3 Easy Ways To Make Video For YouTube


You get excited and inspired by How To Make Money On YouTube, you selected your niche and subjects, searched for its market demand and search volumes and prepared your initial subjects lists wow Now What!! How you could create your videos given that you are not a professional video editor nor an art director. There are many many subjects that do not need to be an art director or even don't need a cam coder to produce a high attractive and catchy videos. Then how i can start produce nice videos to introduce my ideas and subjects to the world through YouTube? Here are the 3 Easy Ways of Making Videos for your YouTube channel

  1. Professional Animated Videos One of the best ways to promote your products or describe and illustrate about a subject is through animated videos you will notice that big brand names in the IT industry use animated videos to promote their products and also to educate users about technology and other topics. the reason for this is that animated videos looks great and entertaining and also its cost is not high.
    There are many web sites out there that offer professional animated video services for a cheap price, you do not need to have video editor on your machine as you can create these animated videos on these sites using a simple editors that they offer and many ready made templates and characters that you can use to speed up your production. You can create your first video in less than 30 min. Here are some of these services that you can check and play with  Go Animate is a paid service that gives you complete set of tools to create by yourself a published animated videos to attract your visitors, the web editor is very simple all you need is your imagination and dragging and dropping your characters. You can add your voice or hire a narrator to add real dimension to your video.
    The service start at $39 per month but it also have free trial period so you can test and play with it first Video is a very simple animated video editor that provide a very attractive templates that you can use to insert your texts and graphics and produce a nice looking videos in very little time.
    Video is also very cheap from the previous service it start at $9 per month
    PowToon is a free powerful tool that gives you free presentation templates to create you explanation videos easy and fast. its one of the most preferred tools online. you can produce professional looking videos with PowToon in no time the limit is your imagination.There are also many more tools online for creating animated videos if you use different one share with us your opinion about it.

  2. Use Free Stock Video Footage. 
    This was my favorite way while i was working in the Inspiring quotes niche, you can find free video clips and footage that you can use into your tailored videos and adding your content over it. your content can be text, images, animations, music and your voice over using any video editor software.
    videezy.com is one of the services that provide free video clips and footage that you can reuse for your work. you will have to tweak your content font and colors to match the videos so that they blend in a nice looking way. Practice is the key to reach to the right formula.

  3. Software/Service Walk Through
    One of the most viewed category in YouTube is tutorials and software reviews and walk through, you simply needs the software or website that you need to review and demonstrate and a screen cast software to record your session. go through the software features and try to show new things that your competitors are not showing. make use of the following advises to produce Professional video Prepare your scenarios and write down a script to follow before you start recording to show your professional skills on this product,make it concise, and to the point you should also highlight clearly what problem you are going to solve Speak loud and clear and in friendly way Use Camtasia or ScreenFlow software for your screen recording Add background music (Optional) if your walk through is lengthy you can add background music but be careful not to add noisy music or distracting one a light music can do the trick
    By using one of these 3 ways or combining them you can generate endless amount of videos and attract more viewers to your channel but remember you must provide quality content that provide value to your viewers to keep watching your videos  and do not forget that the Volume of viewers on your video in the first 24 is the key to your video ranking.You can boost your video ranking now by driving more viewers through Get More YouTube Viewers.

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